• Workflows and Orchestration.

    NIST CSF RS.CO-2: Incidents are reported consistent with established criteria.
  • Notifications.
    NIST CSF RS.CO-3: Information is shared consistent with response plans.


Workflows are made using a varitety of frameworks and tools.

Orchestration and Playbooks

SOCFortress crafts playbooks to orchestrate full response chains.

Orchestrated Response.

Playbooks integrate different actions and targets.

Artifacts Collection.

Playbooks execution can extend beyond the affected asset, collecting additional artifacts.

User Notifications.

Different communication channels available as part of the orchestrated response.

SOARSecurity Orchestration, Automation and Response.

Plugins and Integrations.

Powered by Shuffle Automation, SOCFortress leverages on multiple apps and intehrations to build powerful Orchestration.


Event processors and pipelines are used to build Workflows that can Interact with our threat intel and case management.

Apps Ecosystem.

Multiple apps out of the box and many more that we craft to cover all integration needs.