• Network & Systems Log Collection.

    NIST CSF DE.AE-2: Detected events are analyzed to understand attack targets and methods.
  • Log ingestion and analysis
    NIST CSF DE.AE-3: Event data are collected and correlated from multiple sources and sensors.

Centralised Logging for Infra and SystemsNetwork & System Logs

Network and Systems LogsFull visibility from our service portal.

Network Logs - Summary.

Each dashboard is composed of summaries and aggregated data for a quick overview of relevant events and detection rules.

Network Logs - Connection table.

All network logs collected and processed.

Connections to public IPv4 addresses are checkd against security feeds.

Network Logs - Web Proxy logs and URL analysis.

Web proxy connections and telemetry.

SOCFortress analyzes proxy connections and URLs are checked against security feeds.

Network Logs - Metadata.

All network logs collected by SOCFortress are processed and normalized.