SOCFortress Professional Services:We build On-prem and Cloud-Based Security Solutions.

Professional ServicesFAQs.

Why SOCFortress Professional Services?

Regulation Constraints in security services delivered in a SaaS model or data location restrictions.

Companies leveraging their existing Infra, whether private or public clouds.

What deployment options are available?

We can deploy our security solutions in a private cloud or public cloud (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and others).

We'd like to deploy SOCFortress solutions in a fully managed model, what would you recommend?

We partner with Hetzner Cloud, a VPS provider with presence in EU and US.

We can deliver our security solutions in a VPC using Hetzner Cloud Services with all the required security settings: perimeter security, network segmentation, and secure access.

What's your delivery time?

That depends on the desired setup (security services to implement) and the deployment model (private vs public cloud, etc).

In most cases, we can get your security solution up and running, ready to ingest metrics, log data and security events in a matter of days.

If we deploy your solutions on-prem, how do we deploy the agents?

As part of our deployment we include one-line bash or powershell scripts that can be used to install all the required software on the end-point.

The script can be used for a automated install using standard tools or RMM solutions.

Do you offer post deployment support services?

We can support your security stack once deployed.

Keep your stack up to date with operating system and security patches and update software upgrades.