• Know what you own.

    NIST CSF ID.AM-1: Physical devices and systems within the organization are inventoried.
  • Software Inventory
    NIST CSF ID.AM-2: Software platforms and applications within the organization are inventoried.

Hardware Inventory

System processors, memory, BIOS, pending restarts, etc..

Operating System

OS Type, model and Build.

System Drives

Drives info, size and available space.

NICs and IPv4

NIC Model, IPv4 inventory and network routes.

Software, Services and HotFixes

Installed software and install date. System services, start mode and status. Installed HotFixes and install date.

Local User Accounts

Local user accounts provisioned in the system.

System InventoryCollected Info and Inventory Items.

How's the system inventory collected?

The EDR agent includes a series of system calls using WMI / Linux checks to collect and send all the inventory data to the EDR manager.

How often is the inventory data updated?

The collection process is triggered every time the agent starts and every 24 hours after that.

Inventory items classified by type.

Global system settings, OS type and build, installed software.....

Hardware details and system info.

Installed Software, HotFixes and System Services.