• EndPoint Protection.

    NIST CSF PR.PT-4: Communications and control networks are protected.
  • Advanced AntiMalware.
    NIST CSF PR.DS-5: Protections against data leaks are implemented.

SOCFortress EndPoint Protection:Advanced Protection Software and Host Isolation.


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Prevention | Detection | Response.

SOCFortress proudly partners with WithSecure(TM) bringing in the best protection solution for your endpoint.

Protection CapabilitiesCentralized Management and EPP Events integrated in SOCFortress SIEM.

EPP: Behavioural Analysis applied to Processes and Apps.

EPP Events and Alerts integrated in SOCFortress SIEM.

EPP: Web Access Control.

Working From Home brought challenges for web access control, increasing endpoint threat surface.

Improve security and productivity with controlled access to websites.

Prevent access to websites based on categories and enforce your corporate policy.