socfortressMDR - Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Managed Detection and Response - Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Comprehensive integration of CTI into the SOC’s situational awareness and planning cycle.

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Managed Detection and ResponseCyber Threat Intelligence.

Identifying unwanted actors in networks.

Analyzing and identifying facts around a cyber compromise such as malware, connections to malicious websites, IP addresses, and other artifacts.

Tuning sensors and analytic systems.

In cybersecurity defense, SOCFortress rely on the structured analytic technique of indicator analysis.

Providing context to incidents.

Structured threat reporting: Includes contextualized TTPs (MITRE ATT&CK®, STIX-formatted CTI feeds, etc.) associated with threat actors.

Preventing or slowing down imminent attacks.

Adversaries, observables & context analysis in a structured threat reporting, anticipating adversary activities.

CTI and Info Sharing.

SOCFortress MDR facilitates consuming as much CTI and sensor data as possible, in a never-ending quest to uncover anomalous activity.

From IoCs to CTI.

Structured threat reporting and Open-source intelligence (OSINT), providing curated subscriber reports and feedback.

Managed Detection and Response:Cyber Threat Intelligence.

SOCFortress Managed Detction and Response.Cyber Threat Intelligence

For IT Operations Teams.

To inform monitoring and detection investments.

Security feedback loop including effective signatures and anomaly detection strategies.

Inform what else to look for on the networks.

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For IT Executives and Service Owners.

SOCFortress CTI analysis can assist in security incidents, correlating findings with similar activity found in other organizations.

CTI is valuable for budget decisions.

CTI can shift budget toward preventative and detective capability that is more relevant to threats of greatest concern.

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Other Stakeholders.

SOCFortress MDR has the ability to provide CTI to other stakeholders, such as MSPs.

Valuable way to augment the organization's ability to identify adversaries and discern their movements from that of authorized users’

Cyber Threat Intelligence helps in the containment and eradication of malware activity.

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Prevention | Detection | Response.

Unify Cyber Risk Evaluation, Threat Intelligence and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR).