• Monitor in real time.

    NIST CSF PR.DS-4: Adequate capacity to ensure availability is maintained.
  • SaaS monitoring tool
    NIST CSF DE.CM-2: The physical environment is monitored to detect potential cybersecurity events.

SaaS Monitoring Solution

Install the agent and start evaluating your system metrics in seconds.

Lightweight Agent

Quck install, lightweight agent.

System Metrics

Aggregated metrics, CPU utilization and memory usage.

Critical Processes

CPU, Memory and Threads for individual processes.

Network Utilization

Traffic and Packets, In/Out, all network interfaces.


Alerts based on Thresholds and Events.

Systems and Network MonitorService Details.

Lightweight agent

Lightweight agent, easy to install, collecting and sending system metrics to our SaaS platform over a secure connection..

Monitoring critical processes and services.

Not all processes in each system are equally relevant. SOCFortress monitoring solution can gather CPU, memory and threads metrics for individual processes, ctritical to your business.

Network activity and performance metrics.

Network activity monitoring: traffic throughput and data sent/received.

System alerts and custom notifications.

Alerts triggered by metric theresholds and conditions. Different notifications available, from e-mail to slack/discord channels.

Docker and Containers Monitoring.

Docker host and Docker Containers monitor.