socfortressMDR - Incident Triage.

Managed Detection and Response - Incident Triage.

Monitoring, detection, and analysis of potential intrusions in real time.

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Managed Detection and Response:Incident Triage.

SOCFortress Managed Detction and Response.Advantages

SOC as a Service.

SOCFortress MDR is composed of cybersecurity specialists, organized to prevent, detect, analyze, respond to, and report on cybersecurity incidents.

SOCFortress MDR provides means to report suspected cybersecurity incidents to all relevant stakeholders in the organization.

SOCFortress provides incident handling assistance to organizations.

SOCFortress MDR details incident-related information to organizations.

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Working with your IT Operations Team.

SOCFortress MDR cooperates with your NOC or IT operations center, complementing your existing operating activities maintaining network and other IT equipment safe and sound.

SOCFortress MDR complements your existing policy and governance, and risk management. Our SOC as a Service provides a real-time operational capability.

Protect the new reality of interconnected business systems.

We help organizations implement an Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) program. SOCFortress MDR provides means for incident detection and response.

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Regulation and Compliance.

SOCFortress MDR helps organizations monitor and respond to the full-scope of cyber threats, across all business units.

Security events and frameworks used aimed at achieving a high level of IT compliance.

SOCFortress MDR complements physical security monitoring. SOC is concerned with the cyber domain, complementing the physical protection of assets and personnel safety.

SOCFortress MDR helps organizations find intrusions that result in legal action.

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Unify Cyber Risk Evaluation, Threat Intelligence and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR).