socfortressMDR - Case Management.

Managed Detection and Response - Case Management.

Providing situational awareness and reporting on cybersecurity status and incidents.

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Managed Detection and ResponseWhy integrating Cyber Security Case Management.

Rise of advanced persistent threats.

The rise of the advanced persistent threat (APT) and an acceleration in the evolution of the adversary’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Digital transformation.

Digital transformation, meaning the integration of information technology (IT) into nearly every aspect of business and government, even those not traditionally associated with computers.

Change in organizational boundaries.

The dissolution of organizational boundaries, with the onset of both mobile and cloud computing including the sudden shift to remote work/work from home as a result the COVID19 global pandemic.

Proliferation of non-traditional IT.

The integration and proliferation of non-traditional IT, such as with embedded computing and Industrial Control Systems (ICSs).

Cybersecurity and Business Operations.

Integration of cybersecurity into organizational risk management calculations.

Rise of cybersecurity.

The rise of cybersecurity from near obscurity to a daily top news topic.

Managed Detection and Response:Case Management.

SOCFortress Managed Detction and Response.Case Management

Key Features.

Incident summary and details.

Specifically built for tracking security incidents.


Incident responder lead and contact information.

Actions completed and in process.


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Robust reporting and metrics.

Incident handling modules or plug-ins.

Users can attach events and some artifacts to tickets.

Gather incidents from disparate systems, presenting a single pane of glass.

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Enriches and prioritizes alerts, integrating threat intelligence and knowledge of entities.

Executes automated queries or other information gathering activities when an alert fires.

Brings better, more prioritized, and enriched data to the analyst.

Faster triage time (mean/median time to acknowledge and investigate).

Faster response time (mean/median time to contain, respond, and eradicate).

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Unify Cyber Risk Evaluation, Threat Intelligence and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR).